Water, stopped in time by the camera lens, appears solid, monumental even. Snow-covered landscapes with their spatial markers reduced, leave space for the imagination to expand in. These paintings seek to evoke ambiguities by withholding information.

Last Chance Point. Oil on canvas, 100 x 50 cms, 2017
Siberian Assignment. Oil on canvas, 60 x 45 cms
Searching for the French coast, oil on linen 2016, 150 x 110 cms
East of Dover, oil on canvas, 2016. 60 x 60 cms
Desert Approach, acrylic on polyester 2016, 185 x 100 cms
The Ground beneath my Feet, acrylic on polyester 2015, 200 x 80 cms
Foothills, acrylic on polyester 2015, 150 x 100 cms
The Centre of Operations, acrylic on canvas 2015, 200 x 140 cms
Breezy Col, acrylic on polyester 2015, 100 x 80 cms
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